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That was really cool!

Wondermeow responds:

Glad you enjoy it thanks for the feedback appeciate it.

Kind regards,


The animation is seriously impressive and I enjoyed the voice acting. I was surpised by the quality of the fight scene and how everything seemed to have so much impact.
I feel that the voice, music and sound effects do not fit together at all - you need to mix this properly if you want to make it sound more "pro".

Still in love with this so many years on, blows my mind every time.

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'President Zombie Pete today quoted the book in their election speech, in what can only be described as sticky.'

This worked perfectly.

Horribly frustrating contols (for example your character doesn't come to a dead stop when you stop pressing a key. You see, it's not the attack delay that's the problem, it's the combo of imprecise movement WITH that that is so bad. Rookie move there). Other than that, really cool, but for my sanity I cannot continue.

1) You should predict questions a little more. I can't think of any right now, I've forgotten them already... Sorry.
2) You should give it more things to talk about. For example, when it asks you to stay, what if you say "but I have family...". Even if it doesn't have an answer, it would be more immersive if it said "ok... I understand." or something.

Again, fantastic game and concept. Need more!

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Mezmerizing. ^_^ Some small background changes would be enough to keep me interested. The repetitiveness in this actually works, keeps me focused. Would be perfect for studying. Where's the 10 hour version?

Ooh I liked the drum beat in this. The vocal part was lovely, I wish it had a little more room in the mix. Maybe a little delay on the right side to echo it would be nice.
Lovely idea, really would love to hear more of this.

Lovely piece, nice dynamics. I enjoyed the feel. Unfinished end, I imagine? I loved the koto in there, nice choice to use something with such strong transients, really helps cut through. It appeared just often enough to be interesting without overstaying its welcome.

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Oooh I like. Moody, reminds me of Fallout.

Troisnyx responds:

I'll admit I never played Fallout or any games in this series before, and I don't quite know what to expect in them -- nevertheless, thanks!

The piece was actually inspired by a rather dystopian view of the things I was taught growing up, as well as all sorts of human rights abuses I'd read about and sometimes witnessed.

(I flagged that other guy's comment as abusive)
I like the wings and the shape of his face is quite original, maybe because it reminds me of Toothless from How To Train Your Dragon, I don't know. ^_^

Very good, I love the idea and what you've done with it. Excellent work. :)

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