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So after listening to the 10 most recent tracks on your profile I can see a pattern. You write really emotional music, very heartfelt and you're an excellent guitarist.
I think the biggest thing holding you back is how you're mixing your drums. I recommend learning about parallel compression for drums to give them more power. They don't fit your mixes at all, in any song. If you can fix that you'll level up your music for sure. Let me know if you have questions.

KrinnValKhristi responds:

Thank you for your honest and helpful feedback sir. ^_^

Very pretty. I liked how all the parts danced together. You play too damn well.

KrinnValKhristi responds:

Thank you for checking it out!

Loved it, especially the haunting outro. Could do with a good mix but your intentions came across.

KrinnValKhristi responds:

I do struggle with mixing still after so many years..... unfortunately.

Very jolly. Yours sounds cool, I enjoyed the groove and the break in the middle helps keep you involved. Nice percussion and instrument choices.
Again, you want to turn it down a bit, but there wasn't obvious distortion this time. Best practice is to keep 1db headroom. Research LUFS and use this: https://youlean.co/youlean-loudness-meter/ to work out how loud your track is.
Spotify, iTunes etc require the track be much quieter than this, between -14 and -12 LUFS which would also benefit the mixing and mastering process by giving the track space to breathe. You don't need to fight the loudness war any more! Yay!

I don't know the original but here are some thoughts.
Nice warm piano, I can hear the inspiration from Canon in there.
1:22 - Nice and impactful hit. Maybe the lead instrument is too loud here but other than that it's good. In fact, yeah, too loud, I can hear distortion clearly in the next section. Consider turning it all down. :P

Very pleasant and warm mix, suitable for the contents of the music. Still clean enough to clearly hear each part though. Well done.

Nice mix. I don't know the original but this sounds nice. Full sounding and nice textures.
From a mastering perspective, you should turn it down by 1db so that you avoid any dac distortion (converting from digital to analogue). 1db headroom is kind of the standard these days due to the variety of devices out there.

I'd love to hear more original stuff from you.

At the very least you deserve recognition for how determined you are to improve. Congrats on your persistance. Keep it up like this and you'll be going places fast.
This track is 100x better than the original you showed me back at the start. The guitar is much fuller sounding. You're using some more realistic sounding parts now, too.

Sampled guitars, to me, will never match a recorded guitar. The main reason is that they're too perfect and remain on pitch whereas a real guitar string changes pitch over time, higher when you hit it and lower as the vibrations slow, and the pitch can change depending how hard you're pressing the string, too! So if you're excited and playing energetically, you tend to sound a bit sharp.

Having said that, this track has a good sounding bass and a decent drum sound and you've made it enjoyable to listen to. Maybe in future you could try adding some strings or a string pad to fill in the silence and help hide some imperfections in your virtual instruments?

You asked specifically about the shredding part and I'd say that's the most realistic part of the track. Approved! Hehe

Good work on this one, keep it up!

Killer vocals on this, raw and dynamic. Loved your performance.

Ceevro responds:

I've struggled with this performance. I hated it for a while, which is common for me. However...I think I'm starting to warm up to it. Yes, it does feel very raw...clearly, I'm not your standard American Idol performer. Raw is the dynamic I should be exploiting in my recordings.

Mezmerizing. ^_^ Some small background changes would be enough to keep me interested. The repetitiveness in this actually works, keeps me focused. Would be perfect for studying. Where's the 10 hour version?

Ooh I liked the drum beat in this. The vocal part was lovely, I wish it had a little more room in the mix. Maybe a little delay on the right side to echo it would be nice.
Lovely idea, really would love to hear more of this.

Guitarist, singer, mixing nerd, fox appreciator, teacher, peace-loving hippy. Currently travelling in Japan so I am without a microphone.
I make mixing tutorials, too. Ask me anything.

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