Tutorials for beginners

2013-07-31 06:59:50 by MetalRenard

I've always loved teaching and helping others. So much so that I'm actually training to become a secondary school (high school) teacher right now.

This means that I enjoy helping beginners get started which is why I'm making these tutorials.
An Introduction To Digital Music Creation
Become A Composer! Part 1: Baby Steps!
More will follow.

I've structured them as simply as I could, giving only the essentials to what I believe is the foundation for a beginner to hit the ground running. My goal is to help newbies understand from the start that there are lots of things we take for granted when we make music that, if you understand them, you won't struggle so hard to get good.

Anyway, this is my way of giving back to the music and audio community.
I hope you like them.

- MetalRenard


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