Uni results!

2013-05-04 11:32:43 by MetalRenard

I got the results for my bachelor's degree. I passed with a 2.1! (that's a B in other countries)
MetalRenard, Bachelor of Arts, with Honours (open).

So that you know, I studied literature, languages and history with a view to becoming either a primary school teacher (5 to 11 year olds) or a secondary school teacher ("high school"). I'll be teaching French and Spanish, it seems.


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2013-05-04 11:41:15

Congrats on your 2:1!! :D I got a 2:1 myself in law last year, and I can imagine the excitement.

MetalRenard responds:

Yeah! It's awesome. :3


2013-05-05 09:25:28

>a view to becoming either a primary school teacher (5 to 11 year olds) or a secondary school teacher ("high school")

for some reason, I can never look at you the same way again lol

congratzz. it was probably hard, no?
makes me nervous when i decide to enter the realm of universities next year...

MetalRenard responds:

So how did you see me before? What did you think I was like? :P
Yeah it was hard. Not hard -work-, but hard to just keep pushing on. I found most of my course quite boring. Don't be nervous, you'll be fine.


2013-05-07 00:14:06

Wow! That's great new! Congrats!

MetalRenard responds:

Thanks very much!


2013-05-07 04:21:45

frankly idk
i have a fairly stereotypical view on people (in terms of appearance and voice) depending on stuff i know about you

so yeah, i probably saw you as that fellow with a hardcore-ish shirt and shorts with a kick ass goatee

...i'm right about that goatee part, right?

(Updated ) MetalRenard responds:

Haha! Well I had a goatee for a year only, and it was just for fun. I don't shave regularly either although I will have to next year. I usually have a couple of day's stubble at least. I have really damn long hair too. n_n

All that means I'll get to be that "weird" teacher we've all had at some point.


2013-05-07 07:21:58


MetalRenard responds:



2013-05-11 12:07:29

Félicitations ! Felicidades !

MetalRenard responds:

Merci! Gracias!