The Concept behind the album

2012-11-17 19:16:48 by MetalRenard

"Only Shadows Touch" is the album's title, but it has a very deep meaning.
It starts with the fact that we never actually touch anything... Bare with me on this, it gets a bit nerdy before becoming poetic!

We are made up of particles that interact with each other through fields (magnetism, gravity...) so when you hold your loved one's hand, you're not actually touching. The atoms are repulsing each other and so you feel the pressure, but your bodies never actually touch.
Now take this further and you can use it as a real world story idea - that there are so many things that get between us.

There's war, there's hatred, unrequited love, actual distance, death, understanding (or lack thereof)... And this is what this album explores.

Every song deals with one aspect of this idea, and woven throughout the whole is a story seen from 9 different perspectives. Each song is a different view and they all explore these people's own experiences, lives and how the events of the story affect them. This doesn't mean all the songs are sad, maybe one of the characters likes spending time alone!

When I release this concept album I'll also make a video about it on Youtube to explain all the songs, the ideas and the story that connects them.

I hope this spikes your interest in the album!


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2012-11-28 18:41:52

I misread your name for mental retard, lol

MetalRenard responds:

Common mistake and not far from the truth. :P