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16 gigs of RAM not enough?

Posted by MetalRenard - March 7th, 2020

In pursuit of a new genre, my projects have been getting more and more complex. I love science fiction and I love symphonic rock... so a blend of synthwave with the latter just makes sense to me. I'm in the process of making a full album, something I've wanted to do for 5 years now but never had the time to even consider. Thankfully, living in Japan and working a job that is generous with time, this is becoming reality.

Sadly, I've come across a roadblock. My last song had to be split in 2 - all the synths and recordings in one project then all the orchestral elements in another. The reason?


My laptop has 16gigs of RAM which I thought I would never fully use. Well, as it turns out, yes, I have used it fully and now I need to think about upgrading it beyond this point if I want to make these kinds of songs.

At least my new 7 string guitar is incredible - beyond anything I could have wished for considering it only cost £500 or so... It's inspiring me!



I'm in the same boat. I'm also using a laptop with 16gb of RAM, and my projects are getting quite heavy. I didn't think to split them into multiple projects though.

It's frustrating! But at least by splitting it I can use all my plugins to their full potential.

This would not be an issue for me with 4GB of RAM. I use Mixcraft, and the way it handles clips of MIDI and audio data is incredible. It loads up what's ahead while discarding what's already been played. I usually see RAM usage of less than 1GB even with projects that have 30+ audio/VST tracks.

We're probably not using the same plugins. I'm talking about EWQL Hollywood stuff, my drums etc. It's impossible to stream them all from my hard drive on the go, the read speed is simy not high enough.

You could try exporting tracks with heavy plugins into WAV stems once you're happy with how they sound individually. A single WAV file tends to be less resource intensive on my end than certain plugins, so I could imagine it working similarly for you.

Yes that's what I do after I've finished in the 2nd project. I import the waveform files. However the reason for using a separate project is to write all the orchestral parts together and to be able to easily access every element. Another benefit of this is that my main project loads much faster.
Thanks for the suggestions though!

Wait, what kind of heavy ass ram eating songs have you been making that need 16 gigs of ram... and how can I do this myself

Yeah... It's stupid, I know. But I don't like having limits. I had a ton of synths playing together to create my sound along with my drums and percussion. Add to that all the guitar/bass recordings...
That worked fine. Then I loaded up piano... Fine. Strings... Fine. Brass... Fine. WOODWINDS?! BOOM.
Failed to load every single time. Turns out my laptop was trying to commit 17gb to keep it stable. u_u

My latest track didn't need it since I didn't add an orchestra, it was the one before last. I think the latest one sounds better though cause of my new guitar. n_n