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7 Strings, 7 Strings! Woop woop!

Posted by MetalRenard - December 22nd, 2019

Guess who bought a 7 string guitar?

Schecter Demon 7 Floyd Rose Vintage White.

Isn't she beautiful?!

I also bought a Seymour Duncan JB SH4 bridge humbucker for my rubbish Japanese guitar, hopefully it will make it sound a little better...



Looking pretty fresh! Japan's bound to have some pretty crazy musical gear huh. Wonder what the benefit is with a 7 string one? What kind of crazy feats does it facilitate? Also have you ever played a double-neck guitar?

Tell you what, when I can, I'll upload a few audio experiment comparing 6 to 7 strings and I'll send you the link.
I've never played a double kneck guitar but I've seen some incredible videos about them. Paul Gilbert did one and so did Steve Vai.

That'd be awesome. :) Yeah it seems to be one of those setups most normal people don't really need but sure would be cool... @Jabun here has a custom-built one too.

@Cyberdevil @MetalRenard :D Awesome new guitar! The Seymour Duncan JB is a LOVELY pickup too :D My favourite bridge pickup of all time for sure! Two of them in my homemade doubleneck that CD mentioned :D


Also you're in Osaka now! Congrats on the move/travel :D Am I right in recalling you used to be in Brighton, England? I'm back in Sussex for the holidays at the moment XD Merry Christmas MR and belated God Jul, CD :D Hope you both have a great 2020 to come!

Oh man, coincidences! :D Didn't realize the guitars were so intricately related, or that you both were from the same area. Possibly unusual heavy density of guitar enthusiasts in said region hmm.

Merry Christmas/God Jul to you too @Jabun! Likewise!

@Cyberdevil Yeah :D Brighton has a pretty booming music scene in general + it's host to BIMM which is a well known Modern Music College/University too (Maybe the biggest in the UK?) :D

Horray! And looking forward to catching up more in that massive email thread! I believe it's all on your end at the moment XD Talk to you soon!

@Jabun Ah nice, is it maybe one of biggest musical hubs in the UK overall? Apart from London I suppose?

Yupp yupp, hoping to get to that soon. :) It really is. Aaand pending collaborations...

@jabun I just left! Aaah I missed you by a few days. Your custom guitar looks awesome, 12 string guitars sound awesome. Care to share something you recorded with it?

@Cyberdevil yes I would say you're right, Brighton is big on music and there's a big indie scene. Lots of media in general, arty people etc. It's a great place to live. Even Pewdiepie lives there.

@Cyberdevil Almost certainly the biggest on the south coast (and in Sussex), but there are some big hubs up north too. Manchester, Birmingham, Liverpool, etc...

Hehe, no rush! XD Looking forward to it :D

@Cyberdevil @MetalRenard Have fun in Japan, and thanks so much for the guitar praise! Electric 12-strings are awesome indeed, and can get some really nice textures. Most recently recording-wise, check out Better Than The Book's Hopes and Dreams album:


(I'm sure you'll recognise the West Pier in the album art too!) The solos on Tracks 07, 09 & 10 are on 12-string, and I don't think I actually used 12-string for any rhythm work on this album as you might expect. Most of the BIG sounding guitar work on the album are the doubleneck, though there's a Jaguar and a Yamaha Pacifica doing some of the more jangle/medium-gain sounding bits :D Hope you enjoy it!

And +1 to everything you said about Brighton too! I think one of my mates bumped into PewDiePie a few years back :D

Oh Pewdiepie's in Brighton!!! How have you never mentioned that before @Jabun?! XD Or if you have: short-term memory. That's awesome. As is the Indie scene. Good to know about those other areas too, as well as 12-string track appearances. London though, does it play a big musical role these days, or are other areas overtaking? Thinking Abbey Road and all.

Also hear there's a lot of experimental jazz over there these days, currently really getting into: https://youtu.be/gpfpYTmohAk?t=592

@Cyberdevil I guess the PewDiePie thing never came up in conversation XD I think London still plays a huge musical role, especially in terms of studios. Abbey Road is still big, as well as many other studios. (Funnily enough, my dad recorded a double single at Abbey Road last year as part of the local rock choir! Amazing opportunity)! They also have all the super big gig venues too: The O2 Arena, Wembley, etc... Denmark street is being renovated at the moment, but I'd say that's still very historically significant

And nice jazz too! REALLY nice! I'm sure you've sent a few of these Tiny Desk concerts over before (Tech n9ne I think). Fun times :D Thanks for sharing!

@Jabun I guess so. :) And oh man your dad's into this stuff too! Is any of this stuff online? Any other family members in the biz? Cool to know.

Yeaaah these dudes really surpassed expectations! :) Glad you enjoyed it too. I've been going back to it again and again for maybe a month now. Tiny Desk is a like a miniature world of new musical discovery. And for some reason everyone really seems to be at their best when they play there! Yupp, Tech and Krizz were my former favorite there, I think they've just been overtaken. :) Ah man there's so many interesting artists out there... best save other recommendations for some other dialog though. Feels like sorta the wrong place to keep this convo going...

Curious what you think of that performance too though @MetalRenard

Sorry for being away - Stuck in the French countryside with my partner's family. Since I have a Japanese sim card, my internet access is limited to WiFi.

@Jabun well obviously the album sounds incredible. I'm surprised that is a 12 string but I think I can hear the tell-tale harmony sound in the distorted lead guitar. Unusual to hear it this way, I think is the first time I've heard distorted 12 string. I loved track 10, Hopes and Dreams, what a powerful way to end the album! A proper rock anthem. You may be interested in this: https://www.newgrounds.com/bbs/topic/1447622#bbspost26426398_post_text

@Cyberdevil I'm usually not a jazz person in any way but I've been watching a lot of Adam Neely on YouTube and I guess some of it is sinking in, I think I enjoyed this possible because there are only 3 of them. Usually Jazz is too crazy and messy for me, this was good. I think the drummer did a great job holding it all together. I enjoyed the mood of the piece a lot.

@Cyberdevil My dad loves his music, though isn't into it in the same way I am (from the tech side) He did help me build that doubleneck guitar back in my teens though :D I'm not sure if the singles are online or not, but I have the CD! As far as family members in the biz, there's ALOT of family members into music or who play instruments sing, etc... on a casual level. The biggest pro musician of them is probably my cousin who's a worldwide touring DJ/electronic musician (think like deadmau5 or Skrillex, but completely different genre) based in Germany. He works with labels and is off on his first east Asia tour next month I think :D

And fun concerts too! Indeed, save the recommendations for the other convo. Looking forward to it!

@MetalRenard No worries on the awayness! Go enjoy your holiday, this can wait XD Sounds like a nice time over there :D

And man! Thanks so much for the kind words on the new album. Yup, I LOOOOOVE the sound of overdriven / high gain 12-string, though it's not something you hear that often unfortunately (people tend to keep 12-strings clean traditionally like on track 07, but man of man they've gotta experiment more XD). And super happy you loved Hopes and Dreams too! That actually got featured on BBC introducing a couple of months back which was BOSS. A skim of that thread sounds cool too. I'm up for a little discussion and stuff if/when I have the time :) Thanks again!

Really living that international life. :) French countryside sounds nice though, a bit less densely populated than current home residence?

Mmm I've never been a big Jazz fan, but somehow stumbled into Snarky Puppy a while ago, and now this... feels like I'm being converted! Will definitely check out Adam Neely too.

@Jabun Man sounds like something to delve way more into in the emails. :) You really were born into this world huh... reminds me of how a lot of second generation hiphop artists seem to be entering the scene recently, like Second Generation Wu (official Wu Tang Clan kids), Chris Rivers (Big Pun's son), Old Man Saxxon (Slick Rick), Jaden Smith, of course. Really cool to hear how the musical influences seem to have almost been carried over through their genes. Crazy talent. Anyway: over to other convos! All the best!

@Cyberdevil Hehe XD I really wasn't BORN into this musical world (some misunderstanding there), but indeed, something to delve into at a later time! That's pretty cool about the 2nd gen hiphop peeps! Indeed I'm sure some of this stuff does come in the genes, whether active or dormant :) All the best and a Happy New Year (and to you too @MetalRenard!) when the clocks tick over in a few hours' time :D Hoping 2020 will be a splendid one!

@Jabun Born into, by, for and more, no? ;) But yes, I'm catching up on some six month old PMs today, hopefully those emails aren't too far away... Happy New Year in a bit Nick/Renard! Feels like kind of a big thing this time. :)

Grand hopes and visions for a year with no more inhibitions drawing near!

@Cyberdevil Happy New Year :D And indeed! Grand visions, and great prospects for the new year and decade for us all!

OhmyGoodness She's beautiful!!!
I Love the Diamond Series, and I guess I just love Schecter! :P
Wonderful guitar ^^