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That was really cool!

Wondermeow responds:

Glad you enjoy it thanks for the feedback appeciate it.

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The animation is seriously impressive and I enjoyed the voice acting. I was surpised by the quality of the fight scene and how everything seemed to have so much impact.
I feel that the voice, music and sound effects do not fit together at all - you need to mix this properly if you want to make it sound more "pro".

I love all these weird stories and characters.

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The intro piano sets the mood very well along with the rain. Simple and sweet. I loved the snare and kick drum although the hihats are a little too loud. It would have been cool if you added a second melody to this. Since you lost your project files, maybe take your most recent work and expand on it? Recreate this and add to it!

Good job!

Just had a listen to this to find out what all the noise is about. While the composition is interesting, the production is all over the place. Nothing fits together in the track, some is too loud or too quiet and you turned stuff up instead of finding a space for it with the EQ. That's a bit amateurish. Furthermore many of your instruments are playing parts that are quite unrealistic. When does your flute player get a chance to breathe or are you trying to kill them? Do you want your string players to die of boredom or do you want them to live up to their full potential? Plus the way the flute is mixed it sounds so muted and flat. The percussion in the build up doesn't even sound like it's in the same space at all, especially in the final few seconds.

Don't ever make a fuss over your score like that in public again. It's poor sportmanship and immature. If you want respect, get better and prove everyone that you can do it. You'll get knocked down over and over until you can learn to stand of your own accord.

--- === NGADM Round 1 Review === ---
Mostly interesting throughout, I enjoyed the rhythm of the more vibrant parts.

I found the intro interesting. Sadly the melody at 1:08 came out of nowhere and I quickly lost interest as nothing seemed to fit together any more. It's somewhat well produced except for a strange gap created by the reverb - the piece sounds like it's 2 separate songs playing at the same time. There's a battle between the space for the melodic content and the percussion.

This submission just kind of fell apart in every direction. I'm sorry, I wish I had more positive things to say.

Scores are weighted so that comp and prod are 75% of the score:
Composition: 5
Production: 5
Enjoyment, atmosphere, replay and all the other odd stuff: 5

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